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Craft Of : Banjaras (tribals) Of Telangana Region, Andhra Pradesh
Type : Needle Work
Distinctive Feature : Extensive Use Of Mirrors

Banjara Needle work is a local tribal craft practised by the 'Banjaras' (tribals) of Telangana Region. It differs from the embroidery of Gujarati and Kutch Banjara. It has a style of its own, the originality and brightness are accentuated by its matchless quality. Needlework is an integral part of this craft and patterns are basic geometric combinations, squares, triangles and diamonds.

Banjara Needle Craft, Andhra PradeshA Multihued Blend
The Banjaras produce exuberant embroideries using colourful threads. All they need is a piece of cloth and a needle and their imagination gets going. Intricate stitches in vibrant colours and the use of beads, shells and mirrors conjure a magic created by nimble fingers.

The distinctive feature of their work is the extensive use of mirrors. A rich appearance is created by filling the background with simple chain stitch, herringbone, long and short stitch. Typical items include cushion covers, bags, skirts, 'kurtas', dress sets for girls and women, blouse pieces, bedspreads and other household furnishings.

The Crafts Council of Andhra Pradesh with its sustained market promotion is revitalising the art by improving the quality and standard of work by assisting them in procuring better raw material.

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