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Origin: Tribal In Origin
Type: Although Cast On Metals, Conceal A Layer Of Clay Inside The Article.
Unique Feature: No Two Pieces Are similar
Dokra Castings: Lamp Holders, Lamps, Chains, Figures, & Various Symbols Of Tribal Folklore and Religion

Tribal in origin, the Dokra metal craft is common to the tribal belts of Madhya Pradesh , Orissa , Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. In Andhra Pradesh this craft is found in Chittalbori and Ushegaon in Adilabad District. Its unique feature is that no two pieces are similar.

Dokra, Andhra PradeshSkillfully created by hand, the objects have an individualistic touch. Primarily made from brass scrap, the objects also have a core of clay preserved within the metal casting, unlike other metal work. Dokra castings comprise of lamp holders, lamps, chains, figures and various symbols of tribal folklore and religion.

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