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Mostly : Hand-Woven
Sari Varieties : Pochampalli, Venkatagiri, Gadwal, Narayanpet, Dharmavaram
Named After : Place Of Origin
Known For : Fine Cotton, Elaborate Pallu's, And Beautiful Borders With Ornate Gold Thread Work

Land Of Hand-Woven Fabrics - Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh has an age-old tradition of hand-woven fabrics. Sarees of the most exquisite, unique and generic designs are found in Andhra Pradesh. Silk and cotton saris come from the looms of Pochampalli, Venkatagiri, Gadwal, Narayanpet and Dharmavaram, and are household names throughout India. They are named after the place of their origin. Each of these weaving styles is distinct producing a unique variety of fabric, known for their fine cotton and elaborate pallu's and beautiful borders with ornate gold thread work.

Pochampalli Famous Andhra Sarees, Andhra PradeshPochampalli: The Pochampalli textiles are made using the tie and dye technique of yarn. Different coloured yarns are woven into geometrical designs. Dress materials, sarees and home-furnishings are also made in these designs. Pochampalli sarees and dress materials are available in both cotton and silk.

Gadwal: Gadwal is one of the centers where typical, traditional Andhra saris are made, that are unusually different. The Sari body is cotton while the border and pallu are in silk. The cotton and silk fabrics are woven separately and then attached together. Rich traditional designs adorn the pallu and the border. The mango motif is usually used in the designs. Yellow, parrot- green, pink and beige are the colours used most often.

Kothakota: Kothakota saris are similar to the Gadwal saris, with silk borders and rich pallu's with very innovative zari designs. The borders come in rich colours contrasting the body colour.

Narayanpet: Narayanpet saris, available in both cotton and silk are woven in dark earthy colours and are particularly eye-catching. The pallu in these saris is characterised by a unique pattern of alternating red and white bands. The border is usually a flat expanse of deep maroon red or chocolate red thinly separated by white or coloured lines. These saris follow the Irkal style, which has its roots in a place called Irkal in the state of Karnataka .

Venkatagiri: The Venkatagiri saris have graceful strains of gold all over. These sarees are available in cotton and silk, with pure silver zari and brocade designs in the border. The bright Venkatagiri saris have pleasant colours with golden dots, leaves, parrots or simple geometrical designs.

Dharmavaram: These saris have simple, plain borders without much contrast. The borders are usually broad with brocaded gold patterns or 'butta'. The pallu has exclusive designs. Of late, these saris are being woven with "tussar" silk also.

Other Famous Saris Of Andhra Pradesh
Bandarlanka handloom saris made of pure cotton with simple zari borders are available in a variety of designs in Bandarlanka in East Godavari district. Siddipet and Armoor also produce cotton saris in unique and rich designs. Patur saris, with rich designs in the pallu and border made with tested zari are available in pure cotton, cotton-silk and polyester. Use of mercerized cotton is popular with Patur saris. Srikakulam saris are simple with no borders.

Pochampalli Famous Andhra Sarees, Andhra PradeshCotton saris from Uppada, the Mangalgiri saris with unique borders, saris with Amaravathi Jackards (designs from the temple architecture) on the pallu and borders, Madhavaram saris from Cuddapah are also very popular.


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  3. Bommana Saree House, Abids Hyderabad
  4. Vaibhav, Koti, Hyderabad

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