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» South India
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Type : Luxurious Fabric
Originated : In Aurangabad

Himroo is a distinctive, luxurious fabric, once used as dress material by the nobles, with a cotton base and silk or art silk weave, made into stoles, gowns and furnishings. Himroo in its original form is made of silver and gold. The threads of silver and gold were so fine that the final cloth appeared as "GOLD CLOTH".

Himroo, Andhra PradeshThis art originated in Aurangabad , which was formerly a part of Hyderabad state, but it is now in Maharashtra . It remains, even today, traditional hereditary occupation in Andhra Pradesh. The techniques uses a special loom, with cotton yarn forming the warp and silk yarn forming the weft, to produce a brocade-like fabric used mainly for shawls, bedspreads and furnishing. One may observe Himroo weaving near Dar-Ush-Shifa in the old city.

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