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Type : Craft Involving Application Of Lacquer On Wood In Pleasing Shades And Colours to Create A Distinctive Appeal
Origin : Etikoppaka
Most Popular Item : Lac Bangles
Wood Variety Used : Ankudu Karra

Lacquer craft is the application of lacquer on wood in pleasing shades and colours to create a distinctive appeal. The beauty of this craft lies in painting the smooth wooden shapes. Etikoppaka in Andhra Pradesh is the hometown of lacquer ware. It is said that this craft originated in the neighboring Nakkapalli village before it spread to Etikoppaka, its present home. The proximity to the forest area with plenty of yield of Ankudu Karra, a light species of wood, promoted the concentration of this art in Etikoppaka.

The Fine Art Of Lacquering
Lacquer Ware, Andhra PradeshLacquering is done on a lathe, by hand or using machine. For turning slender and delicate items, the hand-lathe is preferred. Lac is applied in a dry state. The process involves the pressing of lac stick against the rotating woodenware. As the latter keeps revolving the heat from the friction softens the lac enabling the colour to stick. Designs are painted with a brush on figures, objects and toys. As these articles are made by using lathes, they are called "Turned Toys".

The lac bangles are the most famous lacquer ware. In ancient times these bangles were studded with gold and precious stones attaching a status symbol. Today, they are available with beads, stones and mirrors in attractive colours and designs to add to the beauty of a woman in the most economical way.

Lacquered bottles and containers are also available in unique shapes, sizes and shades. In recent years, the artisans have evolved modern decorative items like vases, stools etc.

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