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Type: Brassware Craft
Home Town: Pembarthi, Warangal District
Typical Items: Large Containers, Frames And Plaques.

Pembarthi village in Warangal District of Andhra Pradesh is the hometown of this art. This art form, as the name suggests was popularised by the Pembarthi village sheet metal workers of modern day Warangal during the reign of Kakatiyas.

The Origin
Sheet Metal, Andhra PradeshDuring the Kakatiya rule, sheet metal work adorned the chariots of the kings and noblemen and the idols of the Gods. With the increasing number of temples during the Kakatiya rule the Pembarthi sheet metal work reached the peak of its popularity.

With the decline of the Kakatiya kingdom, the subsequent Muslim influences resulted in the entry of the sheet metal wares into the house holds in the forms of 'Pandans' (small boxes for carrying beetle nuts), 'Itar' pots (scent containers), vases, hanging metal lamps, plaques etc. The following years saw a mixture of both the cultures in Pembarthi articles. The art wore a secular look.

A few of the masterpieces of the sheet metal craft are the icons of Ganesh, expressing a 'mudra' (expression) from the Bharat Natyam, a small beautifully decorated Nandi; the idol of Nataraja; a carving of Conch (shell), Padma (Lotus) and Chakra (Wheel) that represents the deity- Vishnu. Apart from this there are the big vessels like "Gangalam", which can add to the beauty of any showroom or home. Also the famous historical "Kakatiya Dwar" (gate) made in Pembarthi style can be among one's personal collection.

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