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Region : Telengana, Andhra Pradesh
Performed During : Bathakamma Festival
Performed By : Female folk

Inhabited by many large tribes, Andhra Pradesh presents a rich wealth of traditional folk and tribal dances. Bathkamma is a special festival to the Telangana region. In the month-long festival, Goddess Bathkamma's idol is worshipped and taken to rivers and lakes and floated in the evening.

Bathakamma is an exclusively female folk-dance of Telangana region performed in front of the idol of Goddess Bathkamma's. Especially newly married women, perform it with a great feeling for the peace and success of their married life.

The Legend
The legend behind this dance tells us that a Rajput king had a beautiful daughter named Saijanbai. After marriage she was sent her in-laws to her father's house after marriage because she could not perform the household duties.

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