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Region : Telangana, Andhra Pradesh
Named After : A Percussion Instrument Called Dappu

Dappu Nrityam is one of the important dance forms in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. This dance form got its name from the sound produced by a simple percussion instrument, a tambourine-like drum called 'Dappu'. It contains a circular wooden frame usually, made of neem wood. Fitted into the wooden frame is the skin of a he-buffalo or goat. It is called "palaka" in costal Andhra and Guntur.

Dappu Nrityam,  Andhra PradeshThe costumes worn by dancers constitute of a 'Talapaga' or a head turban, 'dhoti', a 'datti' and ankle bells. The performance starts with an invocation called "Pradhana Dappu" when the dancers move slowly in a circular way.

The performances vary depending on the type of 'Adugus' or steps. One can see dappu dancers in front of any procession, whether it is in 'Jataras', festivals or marriages.

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