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» South India
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Region : Hyderabad
Dance Form Of: Siddis

Dhamal is one of the typical dance forms of Siddis of Hyderabad region. It is a mimetic martial dance performed by Siddis with swords and shields in their hands especially on the occasion of marriage. They perform this dance with many musical instruments and noises of 'how wow'.

Hindu kings in the middle of the 12th century brought them from Africa to perform guard duties in the palaces. They soon became very famous among the ruling classes as soldiers, sailors and personal bodyguards.

Gradually, they were absorbed into the Indian social life, but their dances still have the flavour of their land of origin in their ferocity, virility and warlike movements. Their dances present a fascination spectacle of rhythmic movement and colours in their exotic colourful costumes.

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