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» South India
» Andhra Pradesh
Region : Vishakhapatnam
Mainly Performed By : Porja Caste
Performed By : Women Folk

Dhimsa is a popular form of folk dance performed by the agriculturists in Vishakhapatnam district. It is one among the most colourful dances that present a tribal kaleidoscope in costume, lyric, style and zest it is generally performed in the local fairs and festivals.

Dhimsa,  Andhra PradeshThe 'Porja' caste women perform this dance, praising deity for welfare of the domestic life. Nearly 15-20 women form a chain and dance wearing typical tribal dresses and ornaments. The leading women carry a peacock feather in her hand. It is a must for newly wed because on this day the women pray for a peaceful and happy married life. The members play instruments like Mori, Thuduma and Dappu.

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