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Region : Telangana, Andhra Pradesh
Performed During : Beerappa festival

Dolla Nrityam is performed as a part of the ritual during the Beerappa festival, which marks the marriage of Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva. Dolla Nrityam is the dance with drums, drummers take up different positions and beat the drum in different variations. The dancers are called 'Beerannas'.

Dolla Nrityam,  Andhra PradeshThey smear their foreheads with sacred ash and they wear a short or a top with bells stitched on. They put on ornaments like 'Oggu', a brass 'Naphera', and bells to the ankles, a ring on the second finger of the right leg, a golden ring on the right leg and silver on the left.

They wear swords to symbolise valour. As part of the festival ritual, the priest takes the Goddess Ganga in procession. The dancers follow the priest to the temple in rhythmic circular and semi circular movements. The movements vary with the developments. Finally the drummers make an important formation of a tree. Eight dancers stand in a circle and four dancers climb on their shoulders. This process continues till a single drummer stands a top beating his drum. This dance associated with Beerappa festival draws huge crowds in the villages.

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