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Gangireddu Means : Bulls Play
Performed During : Sankaranti Festival

Gangireddu Aata or "the bull play" is a very popular form of dance in Andhra Pradesh. It is a common site in every village. The Gangireddu Aata is perhaps one of the very few rural entertainment that has survived through times.

The Bull Event
Gangireddu Aata,  Andhra Pradesh'Gangireddu' is a multicoloured decorated bull moving from one house to the other led by its master who plays the 'Nadaswaram' during Sankranti. Bulls are trained to dance or perform acrobatics to entertain the crowd. The training is given by 'Yadava' sect they acquire bulls and train them. The Gangireddu earn money, clothes and grains in return to the performance, and are active during the Sankranti and Dusshera festivals.

The feats of the Gangireddu (bull) are indeed pleasing. The Gangireddu can dance rhythmically, nod in acceptance, deny in negation, kneel down and prostrate, bow down and even stretch its tongue to show it can sing. It can put its four legs in a plate or exhibit more enterprising feats such as standing on its master's chest and bowing down in reverence when he sings in praise of a donor.

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