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» South India
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Region : East Godavari & West Godavari Districts, Andhra Pradesh
Performed During : Festivals Of Village Goddesses Such As Nookambika, Maridamma And Pallamma

This dance form is widely performed in the East and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh. The 'Garaga' means a pot. In the olden days the Garaga, also known as 'Ghatam', made of clay, is borne only by the 'Ganachari' the 'Pujari', of the local Goddess. He goes round the village during the festival and women from each house put cooked rice and eatables.

Garagalu,  Andhra PradeshThe Ganachari, worshipped at each house as he is regarded as the representative of the Goddess. The Garaga, in such circumstances, stands for the Goddess. After the festival, the Garaga is kept in the local temple until the next festival. The Ganachari dances to the rhythm of the instruments and often goes into a trance.

The Festivity
'Garagalu' is a powerful dance performed by the village folk. This dance is usually performed during the festivals of village Goddesses like 'Nookambika', 'Maridamma' and 'Pallamma'.

A pot usually made of brass is decorated with turmeric and vermilion with a colourful cloth wrapped around it. Nearly twelve to sixteen artists wearing a pyjama, usually in red or yellow, a kurta with folds at its bottom, a 'datti' tied to the waist and a turban on the head dance to the tune of music and the beats of two dappus.

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