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» South India
» Andhra Pradesh
Region : All over Andhra Pradesh
Performed By : Semi-Nomadic Tribe Also Known As Sengalis Or Banjaras

Lambadi is a dance form of semi-nomadic tribe seen all over Andhra Pradesh called 'Lambadis', who are also known as 'Sengalis' or 'Banjaras'. It is associated with daily tasks like harvesting, planting and sowing. This dramatic traditional tribal dance is centuries old and became more dramatic and colourful.

Lambadi,  Andhra PradeshLambadi women wear a very colourful red style dress and lots of jewellery. The clothes they wear are decorated with pieces of mirror and cowl. They wear ivory bangles and ornaments, which are innumerable. The dance performed by Lambadis is more a rhythm based one. But when performed to the beat of the drums, it gains momentum.

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