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Region : Adilabad District, Andhra Pradesh
Performed By : Koppu Lambadis

Mathuri is a dance form of tribes who live in the Umji and Intraveli forests areas of Utnoor Taluk of Adilabad. This tribe is also called as 'Koppu Lambadis' because of their distinctive headgear. This dance is usually performed in marriages and on other festive occasions. The dances of Mathuris manifest an interesting case of immigrants from the other parts of India.

Mathuri,  Andhra PradeshBoth men and women perform this dance, they form two groups, the men on one side and the women on the other. The costumes worn by women are quite unique and comprise of a full dhoti usually dark maroon in colour, with a high headgear, which gives them a distinctive appearance and men wear a white dhoti and 'kurta' with shining blue sashes.

Men hold a 'Kota' (stick) in one had a handkerchief in the other. Men strike sticks, which they hold in their hands while the women follow them by clapping. The dance ends on a note of exhilaration. The tribes live. Comparing to the male and Female dancers, women dance is slow in tempo and where as Male dance is Fast and very vigorous.

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