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Region : Telangana, Andhra Pradesh
Also Known As : Jaggu
Ballads In Praise Of : Gods Mallanna And Beerappa, And Goddess Yellamma

Oggukatha is one of the most important theatre forms of Andhra Pradesh, which originated among 'Kurmas' ('Yadavas'), who devoted themselves for singing ballads in the praise of Lord Shiva. They move from place to place, singing ballad, narrating the stories of their gods 'Mallanna', 'Beerappa', and Goddess 'Yellamma'. It is especially famous in Telangana, region.

Oggu Katha,  Andhra PradeshOggukatha art derives its name from the instrument called 'Oggu', which is used, at the beginning of each story and also at the marriage festivals of Mallanna. 'Oggu' literally means to submit. The Oggus are the priests who submit themselves to Mallanna, their family God and narrate stories in praise of him.

Costumes & Instruments
It is also known as "Jaggu", a folk name given to Shiva's "Damruka" (drum). Oggu Katha team consists of 4 to 6 members with a chief narrator and instrumentalists. The chief narrator wears a dhoti tied upto the knees, a coloured shirt, a coloured head cloth and waist cloth and ankle bells.

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