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» South India
» Andhra Pradesh
Popular In : Telangana And The Krishna District Of Andhra Pradesh
Characters Chosen : From The Cross-Section Of The Society

Identity Disguised
Pagati Veshalu is a popular theatre form in Telangana and the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. Over the period it evolved as a deviation from the mainstream folk theatrical performance. 'Pagati Veshalu' (artists) enacts different characters by donning a costume and assuming another's role. The roles enacted are chosen from cross-section of the society who become the butts of ridicule of the performers, but all in good humour.

In each performance the role revolves around a single episode consisting of a prominent "vesham" (disguise) and other less important characters. They perform it consequently for four to five days and each day's performance centres around one character. It is a total performance of music, dance, speech, mime and bodily movements.

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