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Location : 115-km From Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Nearby Attractions : Borra Caves, Ananthagiri Hills
Unique Feature : Tribal Inhabitation
Altitude : 600 To 900m

Araku Valley, 115-km from Vishakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh is close to the Orissa State, border. This place lures people with pleasant weather, hills and valleys. The natural beauty of this valley comes alive with its rich landscape. The area of the valley is roughly 36-km and the altitude is between 600 and 900m above the sea level.

Araku Valley, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra PradeshThe journey to this place on the Ghat road with thick forests on either side is in itself interesting and pleasant. One can have a wonderful trekking trip. 46 tunnels and bridges will greet you on the way. The Ananthagiri hills on the way to Araku Valley are famous for coffee plantations. Borra Caves located 29-km from Araku Valley, are one of the famous nearby tourist attraction.

A Tribal Galore
Tribes inhabit the entire area and there are around 19 tribes. Tribal people who abound with their own folklore and traditions enhance the beauty of this valley. Tribal lifestyle expresses itself in various artistic creations like folk costumes and art literally differing from tribe to tribe. Dhimsa dance is a unique feature of the tribes of Araku Valley.

The beautiful Araku Valley, with its bracing climate, orchards and the Anantagiri Ghats, which present an enchanting view to the visitors, is attracting tourists not only from all parts of India but also from abroad as there are good communication and halting facilities.


Air: The nearest airport is Vishakhapatnam at a distance of 112-km.

Rail: Araku has a railhead.

Road: Bus service is available from Vishakhapatnam. A.P Tourism also conducts excursion trip from Vishakhapatnam everyday.

Where To Stay

Cottages & Guesthouses
Cottages and R & B guesthouse
A.P Tourism's Mayuri complex.


Araku - Borra Caves (One day conducted tour)
Frequency: Daily
Timings: 7.00 am To 9.00 pm
Places Covered: Tyada Railway Tunnel, Damuku View Point, Borra Caves, Ananthagiri Coffee Plantation, Padmapuram Gardens and Araku Valley.

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