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Location : Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Unique Feature : Jade collection
Architecture : A Rare Blend Of Italian And Tudor Architecture

Falaknuma is a magnificent palace built by Nawab Vikar-ul-Ulmara, the then Prime Minister of Hyderabad , which was later gifted to Mehboob Ali Khan, the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad. Falaknuma means 'Star of Heaven. The Falaknuma palace is a rare blend of Italian and Tudor architecture.

Falaknuma Palace, Andhra PradeshIt is located 5-km south of Charminar on a hill above 200ft. An Italian architect designed it and the foundation for the construction was laid on 3rd of March 1884 It took 9 long years to complete the construction. It is totally made with Italian marble and covers a total area of 9,39,712-sq-metre. It was purchased by Nizam VI in 1897 and was used as a royal guesthouse has a commanding view of the entire city. The splendour of Falaknuma Palace and lavish hospitality became famous through out India.

The Architectural Grandness
The shape of the palace resembles that of a scorpion with two stings spread out as wings on the north. It has one of the most lavishly decorated interiors. The Jade collection of the Palace is considered to be unique in the world. The Palace has priceless collections of paintings, statues and English furniture.

The Falaknuma palace has the largest Venetian chandeliers. It is said that it took six months to clean a 138-arm Osler chandelier and the palace has 40 such chandeliers adorning the halls. Its glass-stained windows throw a spectrum of colours into the rooms. The walls are artistically painted and decorated. The staircase leading to the upper floor is supported with carved balustrades and marble figures.

The palace has a library with a walnut carved roof, a replica of the one at Windsor Castle. The library had one of the finest collections of the holy Quran in India. Special pavilion forms a museum of art treasures collected from various Indian States. The dining hall in the palace can accommodate at least 100 guests at a time. The furniture is also very aesthetic. The tableware was made of gold and crystal to which fluted music was added. Palace has one of the largest electrical switchboards in India.

The Palace is now the private property of Wala Shah Nawab Mukarram Jah Bahadur, grandson of the seventh Nizam. Prior permission is required to visit this palace. A visit to the Falaknuma palace is an awe-inspiring experience.


Falaknuma Palace, Andhra PradeshAir: Hyderabad being the capital city is well connected by air and has got its own airport.
Rail: Hyderabad has got its own railhead, which connects it to all the major cities within the state as well as in the country.
Road: Hyderabad is well connected by road with various cities in and outside the state. Tourists can take city buses from any point of the city. Rickshaw's and Taxi's are the other modes of Transport to get to Falaknuma Palace.


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