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Location : Hyderabad
Significance : Biggest Mosque In Andhra Pradesh
Construction Started By : Sultan Muhammad Qutub Shah
Completed In : 1694, By Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb

Mecca Masjid is one of the largest mosques in India accommodating upto 10,000 worshippers. This is the biggest mosque in Hyderabad and lies within hundred yards to the southwest of Charminar. The mosque got its name from the belief that the bricks inserted over the central arch were baked out of clay brought from Mecca, and also from the grand mosque at Mecca on which it is patterned. The constructions of this mosque was started by Sultan Muhammad Qutub Shah, the work continued during the reign of Abdullah Qutub Shah and Abul Hassan Tana Shah and was completed in 1694 by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

Mecca Masjid, Andhra PradeshThe hall measures 67m by 54m and is 23m in height. Fifteen arches, five on each of the three sides, support the roof. The western side is blocked by a high wall to provide the 'mehrab'.

A room in the courtyard is believed to house the relic of the Prophet Mohammad. At each end are two huge octagonal columns made out of a single piece of granite each topped by an arched gallery that is crowned by a dome. The colonnades and door arches have inscriptions from the Quran. Now it has been wire meshed to stop birds nesting in the ceiling and liming the floor. It took about 8000 Masons and laborers and 77 years to complete.


Air: Hyderabad being the capital city is well connected by air from all the important cities of the country.

Rail: Hyderabad has got its own railhead and is connected with all the major cities within the state and outside.

Road: Regular bus service connects Hyderabad with all the important places within the country. For city transportation city buses, taxis, and auto rickshaws are also available.


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