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Location : Sattenapalli Taluk Of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh
Exhibits : Sculptures Of Western Chalukyan And Kakatiya Periods And Inscriptions, Monographs
Famous As : First-Rate Archaeological Wonder
Exhibits Dates Back To : 3rd Century BC To The 12th Century AD

The Amaravati Museum is small, but exhibits of the museum are fascinating. It is one of the first-rate archaeological wonders in India. It is located in Sattenapalli Taluk of Guntur District. It houses sculptures of western Chalukyan and Kakatiya periods and inscriptions, monographs.

The Exquisite Collection
Statue Of Lord Buddha, Andhra PradeshExhibits in the museum range in date from the 3rd century BC to the 12th century AD. The collection includes old monuments and pictorial depiction of Buddha's life and teachings and terracotta articles among other antiquities. The exhibits include statues of the Buddha, with lotus symbols on his feet, a head of tightly curled hair, and long ear lobes, all traditional indications of an enlightened teacher stupa.

At every step one comes across the chiselled beauty of the sculptor's originality. The ancient glory of the Telugu and the perennial grandeur of their artistic aptitudes and skills found their way through the manipulation of the stone art. The values of life as well as the socio-economic living conditions of the contemporary society were impressively presented on the rock.

Timings: 10.30am To 5pm
Closed: Fridays And Public Holidays
Entry: Free


Rail: The nearest railheads are Guntur and Vijayawada. There are good bus connections from Guntur to Amaravati.

Raod: Amaravati is situated twenty miles northwest of Guntur and is connected by a good motorable road. Taxis and buses are also available from Guntur.


Accommodation is available in the Rest House, Hotel Mamta and Swapna Lodge at Amaravati. There is also a Public Works Department Travelers Bungalow, some choultries and sheds for pilgrims to stay.

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