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Location : 150-km Southeast Of Hyderabad
Exhibits : Excavated Material From Early Stone Ages To Medieval Period Including Beautiful Stone Sculptures, Inscriptions, Relic Caskets, Jewels, Library.
Previously Known As : Vijayapuri

Nagarjuna Sagar was previously called as "Vijayapuri" and is an important Buddhist centre. Nagarjuna Konda is a picturesque island consisting of well-organised museum where excavations dating back to the 3rd century AD are preserved.

The Excavated Finds
It houses excavated material from early stone ages to medieval period including beautiful stone sculptures, inscriptions, relic caskets, jewels, and a library. The excavations have brought to light the 'Mahachaitya', the most sacred of the Stupas. An inscription in 'Brahmi' characters states that the sacred relics of Lord Buddha lay within the Mahachaitya.

Other excavations unearthed include the ruins of a university, 'Vihara' and monasteries. The prehistoric findings include the tools from Palaeolithic and Neolithic times. There are many artefacts on display like Stone Age picks, hoes, hammers and spears.

Coins and coin moulds, which belonged to the local rulers like Satavahanas, are also on display. There are fine and attractive sculptures of large voluptuous women and also of 'Jataka' stories on long slabs. The museum at Nagarjuna Konda has a model of the now submerged valley and the environs.

Timings: 9.30am To 4pm
Closed: Fridays And Public Holidays
Entry: Free
Photography: By Permission

Conducted Tours: Tour facilities are available from Hyderabad , conducted by AP Tourism. The tour covers Nagarjunakonda Museum, Right Canal and Ethipothala water falls.


Rail: Macherla is the nearest railhead.

Road: A regular bus service connects Macherla with Nagarjunasagar.


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