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Location : Public Gardens, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Exhibits : Art Traditions Of Andhra Pradesh During 1st Century-4th Century Satavahana And Ikshvaku Periods

The State Archaeology Museum is located in the Public Gardens towards the north of the Hyderabad railway station. It houses an independent collection of early Buddhist antiquities. These represent art traditions of Andhra Pradesh during 1st Century-4th Century Satavahana and Ikshvaku periods.

A Varied Primitive Collection
State Archeological Museum, Andhra PradeshIt has few large exhibits like a stone shrine --polished black dolerite pillars, fine carvings, and a wooden chariot used in temple parades. This museum has some archaeological finds of the area and a copy of paintings from the Ajanta caves in Maharashtra .

It also has few bronze collections, which includes a Chola age 'Nataraja' found in Prakasam district, some finely cast bells which were found in Jain ruins, assorted little bronze figurines and "copper plate grants". There are also Bhutanese or Tibetan bronzes acquired over the years.

Stone tools which the ancient Hyderabadis used to bash animals, the earliest ones being Palaeolithic tools from river deposits in the Srisailam area, crude "hand axes" or "choppers" of reddish brown fine grained quartzite are displayed in the museum. There are two "Antenna" swords of copper of the 4th century BC and a small arms collection displaying mainly medieval and recent swords and "kataars" a kind of dagger, on display.

The coin collection is immense ranging from silver punch marked coins of the Janapadas of Old India (700 BC), to Sassanian, Satavahana (100 AD), Ikshvaaku, Vishnukundin (500 AD), Chalukyas, Vijayanagar (1400's), Rajput, Delhi sultans (1300's) and more recent ones of Qutub Shah (1500's), Mughals, Nizam's (1800's) and British too. The ancient textile section shows mellow but bright 'Kalamkari' and silks.

Timings: 10:30am to 5pm
Close: Fridays
Photography: by permission


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