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Location: Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh
Celebrated By: The Monpa Tribe.
Held On: Eve Of Holi, (March).

Rites & Rituals
After the crops are sown and when there is little agricultural activity, in the seventh month of lunar calendar, a rite known as "Choekor" is organized in the villages by the whole village community with the aim of providing supernatural protection to the crops sown, for good harvest and to drive away evil spirits, which may cause harm to the village community.

The Celebrations
Voluminous holy books such as "Ka-gyur", "Bum", "Gye-tong", "Nyi-thri", etc. are read in the village temple by engaging village priests or monks from the monastery. On the last day, a procession is taken out round the agricultural fields and the village carrying images of Lord Buddha and other Buddhist pantheon, and holy books on their backs. The procession is headed by two Kong-Yoks and behind them follows some people dressed as 'Arp' (Army), 'Mem-dhakpa' (Gunman), 'Kyenpa' (Clown), 'Azara' (Indian ascetics).

Next comes one or two persons carrying religious flags followed by the monks or village priest, and then by men and women carrying images and holy books. The participants halt now and then where the monks recite a blessing for the benefit of the newly planted crops. The participants in the procession are offered tea, Chang, popcorn, etc by the villagers on their way. With the completion of encirclement round the village and fields they return to the temple. Thereafter, the rest of the evening is spent on drinking tea, Chang, goods foods, singing and dancing.
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