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Location: Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh
Celebrated By: The Monpa Tribe

The fourth month as per lunar calendar is regarded as the holiest period for the Buddhists. This month marks the birth of Lord Buddha, his attainment of supreme enlightenment and his passing into the state of nirvana. It normally falls in the month of May. During this month, many Monpas, who are otherwise very fond of meat, refrain from eating meat, egg, etc.

Rites & Rituals
A rite known as 'Nyung-ne' is performed in their respective village temples to cleanse the worshippers of sin and to earn merit. The participants are to observe fasting on alternate days. On the day of fasting, they are not supposed to speak to each other, except saying prayers. They cannot even drink water on that day.

Whenever such rite is organized, the arrangement for its performance like the arrangement of food, tea to be served to the participants and required ritual accessories are the responsibility of the village as a whole though the Nyung-ne benefits. During this month, people visit temple and make offerings to nuns and monks with the aim to earn merits. Monks are invited to perform Pujas in their houses.

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