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Culinary Delights : Khar, Kharoli & Khorisha & Fish

When it comes to food Assam is as good as Bengal . The state of rice-fish-dal etc. is not rich with spices, but the Special Assam Plate of Khar, Kharoli, Khorisha is something that is too tempting to resist. The state's homemade cakes (sweet) have some extra charms.

Delicacies Of The East
Among the common culinary threads of the Eastern states the most common one is the extensive use of mustard oil and pungent mustard pastes. Rice is the staple diet, although chapattis are also popular. Fish eating and its preparation is an elevated art, and the merits of a 'Hilsa', or 'Rohu' or 'Bhetki', are passionately debated. Spices used are subtle, and the "Panch Phoron" a mix of fine spices gives a typical flavour to Eastern cuisine.

The Mouthwatering Sea Food
Fish comes in many forms such as the smoked Hilsa, the fried Bhetki, Macher Jhol, which is a thin gravy or "Macher Jhal", which is spicy and hot; Chingri Macher (shrimps and prawns) and Malai curry.

Sweets are distinctive, and are made from cottage cheese. Desert specials include 'Sandesh', 'Roshogolla', 'Roshomalai', 'Mihidana', 'Chhenapodapitha', which are light and exquisite sweets not to be missed.

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