Location: Kerala
Evolved around: 600 B.C.
Uses: Medicinal Plants and Herbs
Best Time for an Ayurvedic Treatment : June to September

Kerala's climate, natural abundance of forest, and the cool monsoon season are best suited for Ayurveda treatment packages.
Rejuvenation Therapy

Duration: 1hour 30 minutes a day for 7 or 14 days.

This is complete rejuvenation therapy comprising of synchronised special massage. Herbal steam bath, Njavarakizhi etc. This carefully planned health programme is directed towards improving vigor and vitality. It will also go a long way to tone up the skin and improve complexion. That is, it is a return to the eternal youth.

Body Immunization
Duration: 1 ½ hour a day for 7 or 14 days

This is a complete immunization therapy comprising of the relevant rejuvenation therapy and panchakarma therapy, which changes person to person. The Ayurveda doctor in the centre will suggest the suitable programme. This carefully planned health programme is directed towards strengthening the immunise system in order to achieve ideal health and prevent seasonal diseases.

Body Sedation
Duration: 1 hour a day for 7 days

This package comprises synchronised massage and Herbal steam bath. This is meant for improving physical consistency, better eye sight, inducing sound sleep, reduces high blood pressure, elimination of impurities in the system. It improves the complexion and texture of the skin and provides shinning and softness to the skin.

Body Slimming
Duration: 1 hour a day for 7 days

This package is deep dry massage using herbal powders. This reduces obesity, imparts mobility to joints, strengthens muscles and refreshes the body.

‘Panchakarma’, as the name indicates is a method of treatment, which includes five (Paanch) basic procedures (Karma). Through these different procedures are put under the umbrella term ‘Panchakarma” different medicines are used for the different procedures depending upon the constitution of the patient. The physician determines the kind of procedure and the types of medicines to be used after examining the patient. It is not necessary that a patient should undergo all the five procedures of treatment used in Panchakarma. Panchakarma should not be administered to those below seven years and those above 80 years. If it is done properly healing of the disease treated, along with clear intelligence, alertness of the senses, stability of the body, efficacy of digestion and absorption, prolongation of youth are all achieved.

The panchakarma method of medication mainly involves two processes- anabolic (reduction) and catabolic (building up).
Medicated emesis (vamana), medicated purgation (virechana), nasal medication (nasya), medicated enema (vasti) and blood letting (raktamoksha) are the five purification procedures for removing accumulated toxins and other waste materials in the body.

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