Entertainment Beaches

Entertainment Beaches of India: Juhu Beach, Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach
Beach Adventure Sports: Canoeing, Kayaking & Surfing, Snorkeling, Para Sailing
Most Adventurous Water Sports: Para Sailing
Major Beach Destinatins: Goa Beaches, Tamil Nadu Beaches, Kerala Beaches

Pure entertainment on the beaches can be best seen in the multicultural little seaside state of Goa. The seamless blend of Portuguese-Latin Influence with Indian tradition makes this place the ultimate celebration destination.

Tap your feet with the guitarists and musicians totally engrossed in their music, while hanging out at the shacks. Enjoy the cool sea breeze, while sipping your drink, or delight yourself with the Goan culinary delights. You can also hop over to the nearby nightclubs for a wild night and roll a dice at the casinos.

Beach entertainment is also endless on the beach sides neighbouring Mumbai. The nightlife of Mumbai comprises of numerous hangout zones, shopping complexes and nightclubs, but the one thing that still stands out over here are the beaches. The most common beach hangouts of Mumbai are Juhu and Chowpatty beaches. While Juhu is more like posh beach center, Chowpatty will give even big snack giants a complex, because this is one place where you can enjoy any kind of Indian snack. Do not forget to go for a walk to the nearby Marine Drive too.

The leisure activities of the Maharashtrian Western Ghats is not just restricted to Mumbai, you can also check out the nearby beach excursions of the city, which include Marve-Manori-Gorai and Madh Island beaches. Marve-Manori-Gorai are small tiny fishing villages with beaches offering a pleasant surroundings and accommodation options of some beautiful bungalows and rest houses. Madh Island has always been a favourite weekend getaway for the people of Mumbai and long lavish parties.

Coming a little down towards the south, the beaches of Karnataka also comprise of some of the most breathtaking sites of the Konkan Coast. Noteworthy is the beach site of Karwar, where eco friendly beach resorts have been developed to provide both recreation as well as vacation to the tourists. Kerela's Muzhappilangad Beach is the only drive-in beach of the state, where you can drive down the entire 4-km length.


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