Exotic Beaches

Most Exotic Beaches in India: Beaches of Pondicherry, Colva Beach, Dona Paula
Beach Adventure Sports: Canoeing, Kayaking & Surfing, Snorkeling, Para Sailing
Famous Beaches of India: Anjuna Beach, Marina Beach, Juhu Beach
Major Beach Destinatins: Goa Beaches, Tamil Nadu Beaches, Kerala Beaches

What is the foremost thing about a beach that attracts one? Is it the ocean, the sand, the marine life, the sports and entertainment or the atmosphere? Actually, all of the above, as well as the surrounding areas, that present the finishing touch, or acts as the hallmark of the beach ambience.

If Goa has got some of the most fascinating and magnificent mansions thronging its coastlines, then the pristine glory of the 8th century temple adds splendour to the beach of Mamallapuram. If Kollur Beach of Karnataka is the home in wilderness, then the highlight of Agumbe Beach is the delightful Sunset, which gets reflected from the Arabian Sea onto the horizon.

Exotic BeachesSome must visit place examples near a beach site include Goa's magnificent mansions thronging its coastlines, defining the colonial flavour that this once Portuguese settlement had. Pondicherry beaches have got all the potential of becoming a beach resort of world fame. The picturesque coastline of Pondicherry is gentle and safe, gives the tropical beaches of this region an ideal water sport site in South India.

Kerala is much more popular for its backwaters, but even the beaches of this state have all the traits that can provide an ideal environ one looks for in a beach vacation. A worth a visit backwater region of Kerala is Alleppey. With its canals, bridges and a long silver beach, Alleppey makes for a memorable holiday.

Malpe beach's endless stretch of golden sand, swaying Palm trees, clear blue sky and the gurgle of the sea attracts tourists to this spot in Karnataka. Another popular picnic spot plus a beach holiday paradise is the seaside town of Marwanthe, where watching the sunset is going to take your breath away.

The beat charm of the Eastern cost can be witnessed at the beaches of Orissa, offering secluded environment and magnificent sun, surf and sand round the year. Gopalpur-on-Sea is a good example of a quiet and charming sea resort of Orissa situated along the Bay of Bengal with a beautiful sea-beach. Puri is probably one of the finest beaches in India on the coastline of Orissa attracting thousands of beaches throughout the year. The nearby Balighai beach's natural beauty is one of the major reasons why this beach is catching the popularity rates of one of the best picnic spots in Orissa.

The southern most state of Tamil Nadu also instores some eye-catching beach surprises for the tourist. There's the meeting point of three seas, Kannyakumari, famous for its attention-grabbing sunsets and sunrise. The fascinating glory of the 8th century shore temple adds splendour to the exotic beach of Mahaballipuram.


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