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Location: North East of India
Capital: Patna
Tourist Attractions: Buddhist Pilgrimage
Best Time To Visit: September To April

Monuments  in Bihar - Sasaram

Situated near the capital, Patna, the Maner Fort is famous for its Bari and Choti Dargah, built in the memory of the Sufi Saint 'Hazrat Makhdoom Yahya Maneri' of the 13th century. Being a famous Buddhist pilgrimage center, one of the prime attractions of the town of Vaishali is the two Buddha Stupa's. The first Stupa enshrines one-eighth of the sacred ashes of Lord Buddha. The second Stupa was excavated in 1958 and it has also got the ashes of Lord Buddha. Come and witness history at the Martyr's Memorial in Patna, built in the memory of seven freedom fighters that laid down their lives in the 'Quit India' movement of 1942. Another must see is Agam Kuan, located inside the Kumrahar Complex. This monument is an ancient relic of the Ashokan Empire. Other monuments worth a visit in Bihar are Deo near Aurangabad, Golghar & Khuda Baksh Library in Patna, Coronation Tank at Vaishali and the Ancient University of Vikramshila.


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