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Location : Bihar.
Significance : Ancient University.
Founded By : King Dharmpal.

Located 252 kms from Patna, in the district of Bhagalpur, is the site of an ancient University, Vikramshila. The university was founded by king Dharmpala, in late 8th century AD. After flourishing for years, it was plundered by invaders around 1200 AD.

Vikramshila University belongs to the Pala period and thus can be assigned to the period between 10th and 12th centuries A.D. The site covers a very extensive area dotted with carved pillars, votive stupas and mounds with ruins.
Famous for studies in Tantra, it also bore the imprint of teachings in Buddhism. Close by are the Rajmahal Hills and Pathar Ghat, famous for their Jurassic Age rocks and natural fossils. This place is ideal for Eco-Tourism development.

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