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Location : Bihar
Built in : 3rd Century B.C.
Built by : Emperor Ashoka
Best Season : Between February And April.

The architecture of this temple is unparalleled in North India. It is believed that in the 3rd century B.C emperor Ashoka built this temple. The canopy structure of this temple is very different and attractive from temples usually found in North India. To maintain the balance of the main tower there are four smaller towers.

Maha Bodhi Temple, Mahabodhi Temple, Buddhist Temples, Buddha Temples, Buddhist Temple In India, Bihar IndiaThe king of Lanka, Meghvarn had constructed a monastery towards the North of the Bodhi tree. This construction was done during the period of Samudragupta. In the 12th century the fierce attack of the Muslim invaders had destroyed the temple completely.

In 1876 the ruler of Burma in agreement with the British government of India had rebuilt the temple on the remains of the older structure. The Mahabodhi temple has a huge Idol of Buddha in the 'bhumisparsa mudra'. The temple is surrounded by a small pillars and delicate lattice work. These are a major attraction for the tourist who visit the place

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