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Location: West Bengal
First British Fort In The City : Fort Williams
Founded in: 1696 AD.
Known for: Its More Than 100 years Old Buildings

Calcutta Travel– City with Riches of Heritage and Mystical Charm

Calcutta, better known as Kolkata these days, showcases the Indian culture like no other Indian city does. Host of traditional art, literature, music and heritage Kolkata enjoys the status of being India’s cultural capital. Located on the banks of River Hooghly, the city has played many significant roles of being East India’s official capital, India’s oldest port, first Indian city to have Metro railway and one of the top metropolitans of present day India.

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Calcutta City, West Bengal, India

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Victoria Memorial Calcutta - Travel Guide to Calcutta

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Digha - 185 kms.
Barrackpore - 25 kms.
Bandel - 43 kms.
Shantiniketan - 213 kms.
Haldia - 96 kms.
Sunderbans - 131kms.
Chandernagore - 39 kms.
Siliguri - 606 kms.

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