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Best Season: September to May
Rainfall: Average rainfall is 190 cm
Nearest railhead: Vapi, 13 km away.
Shopping: Gujarati dresses, handicrafts, sea shell items.

Festival mood - DamanSitting on the peppery sands of Daman-Ganga that flows softly to hug the Arabian Sea, a few leagues away, is Daman (earlier called 'Damao'), a picturesque port town of indescribable loveliness. So near Mumbai, yet far from its maddening crowd, Daman an erstwhile Portuguese enclave, and a picturesque port town, is a popular getaway for most city dwellers. This has also been the home away from home for the Portuguese till it was liberated in 1961 to form a part of the Indian Union.

Within its 72 sq. km, there is everything a tourist looks for: gentle winds, soft sand, inviting waters, historic churches, majestic forts in their imposing splendour, coconut groves, stately palms and sleepy villages nestled on the creeks !

The people are unique in their diversity and hospitality. Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Parsees - all live in harmony and make Daman a heart- warming place - where people, it would appear, know only one language - that spells out WELCOME in bold. At Daman, mini buses, taxis, auto rickshaws, etc., are available round the clock for local transport and to the nearest railhead - Vapi (a 13 km-drive away) on the Western Railway.

The Daman Experience

Kachingam - DamanA Portuguese enclave for four centuries and a half till the close of the colonial rule in 1961, Daman has been a coveted prize for which princes and potentates, indigenous satraps and alien powers waged wars. Muted memories of history lie vaulted in the monuments of Daman gathering the slime of time. It had been a melting pot where races and cultures met and mixed to bring forth a· multi-coloured identity. Try Daman once and you'll be drawn to this scenic spot again and again. Pest, repose, fun and laughter with friendly and hospitable people: Daman is non-pareil.

Daman has, what it takes and more, to gratify the whims of sun bathers, beachcombers, sight-seers, swimmers, monument lovers, shoppers and ultimate escapists ! There is exquisite sea food to satisfy the palate : pomfret, prawn, dadha, Bombay duck, crab, the list is endless; while the quaint bars and modern restaurants satisfy the pleasures of life.


The beaches of Daman are beautiful and unspoilt. Devka sea face and Nani Daman afford excellent recreation to the tourist These beaches attract travelers from far and wide and some of the biggest hotels in Daman are in the vicinity. The Administration of Daman has developed an excellent Amusement Park at Devka with multi- coloured fountains, which are indeed a tourist's delight.

Jampore Beach is the right place for a quiet holiday. The beach line is broad and even; the solitude and serenity of this lovely spot is seldom disturbed. The Department of Tourism has provided facilities in keeping with the ambience. Close to Jampore, across the Kalai river is the famous, vocational school for the blind at Tatawadi, Fansa.

The long short-line at Devka has always fascinated the tourists. The beautiful and well tended amusement park with its musical fountain and kid's corner has become very popular, attracting bus loads of tourists every weekend. When the park is illuminated on festive days, it provides an enchanting sight. Most of the food joints and posh hotels am just within walking distance. Taxis and auto ·rickshaws are easily available to take you to Devka. Children enjoy the facility of a pony-ride on the sands. The traveler can beat the summer heat by taking a swim in the cool-waters of the sea. Be carful of the rocks under the water.

Jampore Beach - DamanJampore Beach
Towards the south, Jampore Beach leads on to the border of Gujarat. It is a pleasant spot, where one communes with nature in sublime solitude. This beach is most suited to swimming as it is danger-free. During low-tide, one can walk on the soft wet sand right into the sea. Don't miss a picnic with your family in the shade of Casurina plantation on the sea-shore.

Nani Daman
Nani Daman offers some wonderful sites to the traveler: Gandhi Park near Nani Daman jetty, Nani Daman Fort and the church inside and the fishing jetty where boats are anchored to name a few. The tourist crosses over to Moti Daman through the Daman-Ganga Bridge where an old world of broad roads, the massive Fort, the stately Light House, Gardens, Historic Monuments and ancient Churches in Gothic style provide a feast to the aesthetic taste.


Damanganga Tourist Complex
An unique integrated project with a Cafeteria, Cottages, Conference Hall, Health Club (under construction), Amphi Theatre, Giant Water Falls, Water sports, Island Gardens, Fountains which provide the visiting tourist all facilities in one location. This complex will mesmerise any tourist visiting Daman with its beauty facilities and size.

Satya sagar Udyan
About 3 kms. from the taxi park at Nani Daman and very close to the Coast Guard Air Station, on the Daman-Valsad Road squats a spell-binding lake- garden Satya Sagar Udyan" with its colourful fountains and shrub-skirted promenades offers an enchanting view. The restaurant and snack-bar provide a variety of dishes of different regional flavours. One can unbend for hours on a lakeside seat sipping soft drinks.

Church BonChurch of Bom Jesus
This early 17th Century church dedicated to Bom Jesus is one of the most impressive holy places in Daman. It was completed in its present form in 1603 AD and is a living tribute to the excellence achieved by Portuguese architects and artisans in ornate and intricate Church buildings. The richly carved doorway and the highly decorated interiors together with the lofty ceiling are aesthetic and pleasing. There are six finely made statues in the best traditions of Roman Church art and architecture. In the early days of the Portuguese rule, Bom Jesus was a parish church. The church now attracts both tourists and pilgrims in large numbers.

Fort of Moti Daman
The massive Fort that runs round the settlement like a girdle, dates back to 1559 AD. The Colossal structure in the present form encompasses about 30.000 so. mts. with 10 bastions and two gateways.

Fort of Nani Daman
The small fort with high stone walls encloses an area of 12,250 so. mt. It has three bastions and two gateways. The most conspicuous part of the Fort is the giant gateway facing the river with a large statue of St. Jerome and two giant human figures, on either side of the gateway. The imposing church of Our Lady of the Sea is the principal building within the Fort.


Daman can boast of a rich and multi-faceted cultural heritage. Dance and music am very much part of the Colourful mood of Damandaily life of the people of Daman. Here is a true fusion of cultures-tribal, urban, European and Indian. This ornate amalgam is reflected in the traditional dances of Daman. Various forms of Portuguese dance are still popular. Tribal dances with caustic social comment are very much in vogue.

Nariyal Poornima
Nariyal Poornima marks the commencement of the fishing season and the people of Daman flock to the sea-shore to offer coconut to the mighty Gods who preside over wind and water. Nariyal Poornima is a day of joy, feasting and revelry Hundreds of tourists come to Daman to witness a variety of colorful water sports and to attend the cultural programmes.

Daman explodes with light, laughter song and dance during the happy season of Christ's Nativity. It is a season of good-will and fellowship. The Administration of Daman celebrates Christmas as part of its tourism promotion programme and people from far and wide come to witness the fascinating Portuguese dance and to taste the well-known Christmas cookies of Daman.


Area 72 Sq. Km.
Population 62,101 (1991 Census figure)
Climate Summer warm
Rainfall 190 cm
Altitude 12 metres
Tourist Season September to May
Clothing Required Cotton in Summer, light woolens in Winter.
Languages Spoken Gujarati, English, Hindi, Portuguese.

Telephone facilities with STD are abundantly available in Daman. The facility of a post office is available at Daman (pin code 396220). Besides, Daman is connected by direct dialing system (STD Code 02636). STD, PCO and ISD booths are avail- able near all places of tourist interest.

Daman has an excellent Government Rest House where accommodation on prior reservation is available to tourists. In Nani Daman and close to Devka Beach a good number of fine Hotels provide boarding and lodging to the holiday-maker. Most of the hotels offer both veg. and non veg. Indian and Chinese Cuisine. Both A/C and Non AVC accommodation is available ranging from Rs. 150/- to Rs. 2,000/- per day. Daman has a number of restaurants, eating-houses, fast food joints and refreshment stalls.


Daman is one of the easiest State Transport buses am operating tourist-spot to mach. lust 193 km daily from Vapi to Daman. Those who from the Megapolis, Mumbai by the come to Daman from Mumbai by the National Highway No. 8.

St. Jerome Church - DamanLocal Transport
Taxi cabs plying between Vapi and Daman await you at the station Mini Buses, un-metered Taxis and Auto rickshaws are available for internal transport to places of the tourist interest.

Most of the Express and Passenger trains from Mumbai Central and Bandar Terminus to Surat, Ahmedabad and Delhi (Western Railways) stop at Vapi, where the traveler to Daman has to alight. He may also alight at Valsad which is just 45 kms. from Daman by road.

Bombay-Ahmedabad National Highway No. 8 connects Daman via Vapi by road. It is 190 km away from Bombay, 360 km from Ahmedabad and 768 km from Diu.

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