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Location: New Delhi
Established By: Sangeet Natak Academy
Established In: 1959

The National School of Drama (NSD) is one of the foremost Theatre training institutions in the world and one of it's kind in India. Set up by the Sangeet Natak Academy in 1959, it became an autonomous organisation, entirely financed by Department of Culture, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India in 1975.

An Arena of Cultural Activities
Travel Guide to Delhi - National School of DramaNSD has produced a galaxy of talents - actors, directors, scriptwriters, designers, technicians, and educationists, who work not only in theatre but in film and television too - winning several awards, national and international. The training in the School is based on a thorough, comprehensive, carefully planned syllabus.

The systematic study and practical performing experience of Sanskrit drama, modern Indian drama, traditional Indian theatre forms, Asian drama and Western drama give the students a solid ground and a wide perspective towards the art of theatre.

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In order to establish links between traditional theatre forms of India and modern expressions, the School brings experts to train the students in these forms and also send students to other regional centres for getting training in traditional theatre. The School has also attracted to its training faculty some of the finest creative talents from within the country and abroad.

The Performing Wings
The school has two performing wings, a Repertory Company and the Theatre-in-Education Company, which was later on renamed as Sanskaar Rang Toli.

The Repertory Company with the dual purpose of establishing professional theatre on one hand and continuing with experimental work on the other hand was set up on August 28th, 1964 with staff strength of 4 only. The Repertory has since grown into a strong performing wing of the School and performs a number of plays every year in Delhi and outside Delhi

The Theatre-in-Education Company or the Sanskaar Rang Toli was established on October 16th, 1989 and is one of the important educational resource centres for the children of the country. The major focus of the Toli is to perform creative, curriculum based and participatory plays specially designed for children of different age groups.

The Library
The School's library is one of the most specialised libraries in the field of theatre and drama. By the end of 1999, the Library had in its collection 27,789 books, consisting of technical, general, text books and scripts; about 4,000 volumes of periodicals, 1,064 gramophone records, 614 slides, 889 photographs and about 200 journals related to theatre and allied arts.

Some of the important journals subscribed by the library are Asian Theatre Journal, Graphic, Modern Drama, Natrang, N.C.P.A. Journal of arts, Sight and Sound, Sangeet Natak, The Drama Review (TDR), Plays and Players. The library also has a collection of press clippings of reviews on various plays performed by the NSD Students and the NSD Repertory Company appearing in English and Hindi newspapers.

The school is housed in two buildings, Bahawalpur House and Rabindra Bhawan, both of which are located in the cultural hub of the capital, known as Mandi House. The administrative block, training-cum-teaching centre, Abhimanch Auditorium and Girls Hostel are housed at Bahawalpur House, at Bhagwandas Road. Rabindra Bhawan is located at Copernicus Marg, which is adjacent to Bhagwandas Road and is the seat of Repertory Company and Meghdoot, the Open Air Theatre. Boys Hostel is situated at Hailey Road, which is in close proximity with Rabindra Bhawan.

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