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Longest Season: Summer
Best Time: October To March
Rainfall: 26 Inches

Delhi's climate is extremely dry and hot in summers. The only relief that the town gets from the heat is during the season of monsoon, which arrives in the month of July. The best time to visit Delhi is in the months of October to March, although December and January can be decidedly chilly. Springtime in February and March can be a beautiful experience especially as the parks and gardens are filled with flowers of different hues and shades. Avoid traveling in the summer especially in the months of May and June, as the heat is relentless and scorching.

Summer : Mid-March To End Of June (Min. 25° C - Max. 45° C)
Winter : Late November To Mid-February (Min. 3° C - Max. 11° C)
Rain : July To End September (26 inches)

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