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Location: Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi
Built By: Ala-Ud-Din Khalji
Built In: 1303
Historical Significance: Second City Of Delhi.

From the southern tip of Hauz Khas Enclave, around 13-km from Delhi or from Panch Sheel Road, a road leads east to Siri, the second city of Delhi, built by Ala-ud-Din Khalji, around 1303. The eastern portion of Siri is cut across by the wide road connecting Moolchand Hospital and Chiragh-Delhi.

Travel Guide to Delhi - SiriIts rubble-built high city-wall is roughly oval on plain. It has survived only in stretches, mostly on the west and south, with remains of some bastions, loopholes for arrows and 'flame' shaped battlements, which appear to have been introduced here for the first time.

Over other portions the alignment of the city-wall is marked by the earth and debris. It is said to have possessed seven gates, one of which, towards the southeast, may be seen even now.

No remains of palaces have come to light here. There are, however, some derelict structures in the village of Shahpur-Jat situated inside it on the west. Within or outside the city are, however, the remains of several mosques and tombs, among which the mosque known as 'Tohfewala-Gumbad' of the Khalji period, survived only by its domed central compartment and Muhammadwali and Makhdum-Sahib's mosques, both of the Lodi period, are well-known.

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