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Location: Inside Lodi Garden, Delhi
Memorials Of: Sayyid And Lodi Kings
Architecture: Mughal Architectural Style
Also Houses: Bara Gumbad Mosque

Situated about 3-kms to the west and adjoining the Indian International Centre are the Lodi Gardens. In the midst of these famed gardens are the tombs of the Sayyid and Lodi rulers

History has it that the tombs are remnants of another city that was sought to be built in Delhi. Muhammad Shah's tomb built in 1450 is a prototype for the later Mughal style tomb of Humayun, a design that would eventually develop into the Taj Mahal.

Other tombs include those of his predecessors Mubarak Shah -1433, Ibrahim Lodi - 1526 and Sikander Lodi - 1517. The Bara Gumbad Mosque is a fine example of its type of plaster decoration.

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