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Location: Opposite Raj Ghat, Ring Road, Delhi
Dedicated To: Mahatma Gandhi
Attractions: Personal Belongings Of Gandhiji
Timing: 10.00am To 5:30 pm

Travel Guide to Delhi - Gandhi Memorial MuseumsSituated opposite to Raj Ghat is the Gandhi Museum. Dedicated to the Father of the Nation, the museum contains some of his personal belongings.

There are five pavilions one can go through that comprise of sculpture, photographs and paintings of Gandhiji and the history of the Satyagraha movement as well as the philosophy of 'ahimsa' (non-violence).

A stone bowl and a brass plate, the clothes Gandhiji was wearing the day he was assassinated, a pair of wooden sandals are some of the things on display. There is also a library and an information centre in the same complex.
Closed on Mondays

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