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Location: Gir,Gujarat.


Air: Nearest airport is Keshod 90-km via Veraval. One can catch daily flight from Mumbai to Keshod.

Gir National Park in GujaratRail: Meter gauge rail line of 395-km from Ahemdabad.

Road: Distance of 400-km from Ahmedabad via Rajkot, Junagadh and Mendarda. State Transport buses are available from Junagadh and Veraval between November and June.


Protecting and sustaining a large tract of forest area is a mammoth task. Lend support to the protection of Gir, by practising and encouraging good park behaviour. The following 'Dos and Don'ts' will enhance the quality of one's experience and make one a determined ambassador of this park.

Do Not Rouse, Prod, Feed Or Disturb The Wildlife: Nocturnal animals rest during the day and many other animals take a break at noon to beat the heat. Don't cross the 'Laxman Rekha', or 'fleeing distance' and anger them. Their lighting fast reflexes might catch you unawares.

Use Official Guides: Do not pressurise the guides to show you the Lions or the leopards. For although they well acquainted with the park, they cannot guarantee 'sightings' to anyone.

Carry Checklists And Field Guides: While with nature, make optimum use of your eyes, ears, sense of smell and touch. Have an inquisitive mind and don't just 'see' but 'observe'.

Smoking Is Prohibited: A tree may yield a lakh matchsticks but a single matchstick can destroy a lakh trees. Dry surroundings like Gir catch fire easily. A carelessly stubbed cigarette or a matchstick can start a fire that can burn for days, kill slow moving wildlife and wipe out valuable habitats.

Gir Vegetation -  GujaratDo Not Use Flash Or Intrusive Photography: Do not pluck leaves or branches just to get a 'good view' of the nest.

Picking Of Plants And Insects Is Strictly Prohibited: The park contains many rare species that may be endangered.

For Your Safety, Walking Or Hiking In The Park Is Not Allowed: Stay in the vehicle even when you have a breakdown. The park is well connected with wireless network, which will be used in an emergency.

Wear Loose Fitting And Simple Clothes That Blend With The Surroundings: It's fun observing animals without being noticed. A cap will protect you from the heat.

Don't Make Quick Or Sudden Movements: If on a 'nature trail', try to avoid stepping over dry twigs and leaves that make noise and warn off wild animals, especially birds. Observe silently and share your joy in whispers.

'Pets' Are Not Allowed: The great Wild Cats of Gir will not take kindly to your purring pussy. Here nothing is tame, caged or chained. Everything is wild, wonderful and free.

Do Not Litter The Park: Cans and bottles cause injury to animals. Plastics laced with food remains, attract wildlife and choke them to death. Carry an empty bag to collect waste or leave your waste in the vehicle.

No Picnicking Or Camping Is Permitted In The Park: Picnicking or camping is allowed only at the officially designated spots.

Carry Plenty Of Water: Make sure your eatables are not smelly. Dry food like chocolates, nuts and sandwiches are ideal for extra energy. Please avoid carrying the whole kitchen along.

Use Of Firearms, Weapons Or Other Hunting Devices Is Strictly Prohibited: You do not need any weapon for your protection as long as you follow the park rules and regulations.

If you are lost or get separated, Don't panic: Keep cool. Relax for a while and take time to recall your points of direction. Following down a stream or a permanent road will lead you sooner or later to habitation. On a 'natural trail', take note of a landmark - a mountain top or an unusually tall tree, to keep track of the direction.


Veraval: 43-km
Junagadh via Mendarda: 65-km