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Location: Western Ghats of India
Capital: Panjim
Tourist Attractions: Beaches, Churches, Resorts
Best Time To Visit: September To March

A Pristine beauty wrapped in diverse hue!
Goa, nestling on the western coast of India, enchants the visions of vast blue seas of Arabian Ocean. Its never-ending coastal stretches, sunbathing, feni - (an erotic drink) and its people, makes Goa only a true resort state. Goa’s carnivals, colossal and unique Portuguese villas, ancient Hindu temples, magnificent churches and the lively attitude to life has charged Goa with magnetic force that attracts millions of tourists around the world. With a varied choice of more then forty beaches, one can choose from placid, serene stretches of white sand to lively partying beaches full of fun and enthusiasm.

Besides the arrayed Goan beaches there is lot more in the treasures of this land, visit the 500-year-old churches, royal forts and beautifully carved temples scattered all over the Goa State that will definitely leave you mesmerized.

Stroll along the river and the coastal edges, awe at the sight of waterfalls where water falls from the great heights, a day safari in the wildlife sanctuaries amidst the dense woods or visit the spice plantations to walk through the green narrow lanes, all will charge your imaginations. Try out scuba diving and encounter with the shimmering marine life and delve in Nazi wrecks from the WW II years. Gaze at the old prison and lighthouses that will remind you of the Portugal rule or play with the silver sand on the moon light night and observe the rope-makers, weavers and potters craftsmen-ship dwelling in the traditional villages.

Goa Archives
The origin of Goa or Gomantak as it is also known is forfeited in the smog of time. Over the centuries various dynasties have ruled Goa. Rashtrakutas, Kadambas, Silaharas, Chalukyas, Bahamani Muslims and on top of all the Portuguese have been rulers of Goa. The state has been the colony of Portuguese for more then 451 years, that has reddened Goa’s towns and villages with a unique culture. Goa was liberated by the Indian Army from Portuguese in 1961 and became a Union Territory and in 1987 Goa was given state recognition and was included as a 25th state of the India. From early sixties, Goa become popular among the hippies from the west, since then Goa has been a major destination on the itinerary of international and domestic tourists.

Goa, A Sheer Delight
Panaji (Panjim) is the capital city of Goa nestling on the banks of the Mandovi river. Vasco, Margao, Mapusa and Ponda are the other major travel destinations in Goa, definitely worth a visit sites. An international and national airport located at Dabolim near Vasco services Goa. The road routes are well connected to all the major destinations around the state. Inter-state bus network plays a major part in getting locals and visitors in and around Goa.

Goa is rich in its marine life. Goa sea and rivers are brimmed with seafood - prawns, mackerels, sardines, crabs and lobsters, the most popular with the locals and the visitors. Goan cuisine replete with the flavor of many influences it had undergone during the centuries. The staple food in Goa is fish and rice, both for the Hindus and the Catholics. Find your feet in Goa pubs and bars, Goa is stuffed with the good bars, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs all crowned at the center of the city. If you happen to visit this beautiful city between December and January, you can enjoy the thrill at any hour of the day, as these clubs stay open 24 hours.

If your are thinking a holiday in Goa chill out with refreshing Goa Liquor. Goans are convivial drinkers. Every urban neighborhood and backwater village keeps two or three bars that are well patronized. Don’t be surprised to see a bar practically every 200m, where ever you are.

Goan’s spoken language is Konkani and Marathi whereas English is a universal language commonly used among the locals. The usage of Hindi is also quite common in the state.

Procure Lasting Memories
If you are interested in Goa handicrafts, try Govt. of Goa Handicrafts Emporium on Qurem Road. The state is famous for its Feni- a local drinks and cashew nuts, so don’t forget to lure upon it. The Anjuna market is the place to be on Wednesday’s in Goa. The market begins at 9 am and closes down with the setting sun. It’s a unique experience that should not be missed on your travel trip to Goa. The market is a lively spot where souvenirs, beachwear, colorful sarongs, Hawaiian shirts and handicrafts are sold. From the vast collection pick out any of your favorite.

Hangout Trips
Goa Tourism Development Corporation offers several tours to explore the state. There are also exciting river cruises launched by GTDC varying from one hour, two hour or half day cruise carrying the thrill and excitement of even swimming in the Arabian Sea. There is also backwater cruise that offers a glimpse of churches of Old Goa, Khumbarjua canal with a chance to sight the crocodiles on the banks or in the mangroves.

Lure For More Thrill

Beach Watching
Beaches are the prime attractions in Goa, every one who visit Goa, beach is the foremost attraction which is on the top of the itinerary. It’s unheard of anyone not doing so. With over of 100 km of coast line, Goa serves up of variety of beaches, the peaceful long stretches where the wind blow through the palm trees and the waves that soothe your mind and soul. Then there are beaches packed with activity, thrill, nightclub, para-sailing, jet skiing, dusk-to dawn parties and much more. Some of the remarkable beaches of Goa are Varca, Colva, Calangute, Baga and Anjuna.

Spotting of the Dolphins
Just get on to a beach and take a cruise, you have the fair chance to get close and personal with the snout nosed, smiling creatures of the deep. If the whether is favorable, there is no reason for not seeing a whole school of them springing and merry-making around your boat.

Get Familiar with Crocodile family
Take a cruise up the Cumbarjuna canal, 15 km stretch of water , and get eyeful of these canine tooth reptiles tanning themselves on the swamps. Evidently, freshwater crocodiles are innocuous to the people. The think mangrove is also great for bird watching, so be prepared with your binoculars, and hand cam to enjoy a day trip with these marsh creatures.

Adventure on Every Nook and Corner of the Beach
The 5 star beach resorts are the one that offers the wealth of hi-tech water sports with the proper equipment and high level security standards. Enjoy para-sailing, jet skiing, bump rides, water scooters, wind - surfing, and scuba dive.

Karting Bang
A karting track of international quality has opened in south Goa that run under the flood lights. Goa Kart racing has many national and local karting camps. There is also a twin seater those who want the thrills but don’t want to drive.

Getting There

All India domestic airlines fly into Goa, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways and Air Sahara, link up Goa with Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Pune. The Dabolim Airport is about 30km from Panim. Margao is the main railhead in Goa. Panjim is also well connected by road to the main national highway through Goa, 4A,17 and 17 A, the state owned transport corporation operates frequently services from Goa to the other destinations. Other means of transport is via waterways. Flat bottom ferries operates during September May, as the weather become pleasant.

Goa is also going to get a Sky Bus Metro system commodious coaches pensile on upraised rail tracks, about eighty meters above the ground, all festooned to make it the most luxury journey.

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