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Famous Arts of Goa: Dance, Drama, Music, Theatre Art

Goan art colourfully illustrates the unity in diversity of Goan heritage. Various art forms pertaining to different religious beliefs and life styles have mingled into one unique identity that has developed into Goan art. Thus one finds Hindu artists chiseling out Christian images in villages and cities. Goan art, developed around religious requirements, represents this process of assimilation, interdependence and mutual acceptability.

Goa is a proud place for lovers of Christian art as it houses Asia's first Museum of Christian Art at Rachol Seminary in Salcete Taluka. The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation of Lisbon, Portugal has provided funds for the restoration of this treasure-trove of Christian art objects.

Kala Academy
The Kala Academy of Goa, a state-sponsored autonomous organization, was set up in 1970 to revive and enrich the long traditions of Goan Art and Culture spanning over 2,000 years. The Academy's aims, objects and activities are focused at preserving, fostering and developing dance, drama, music, literature and other arts and also promoting through them cultural unity.

Promoting Performing Arts
The Academy runs a faculty of Theatre Art, a faculty of Indian Music and Dance and a faculty of Western Music and Dance. It offers scholarships to talented, promising young artists to study and flourish in these fields.

The Library
The Academy library has a treasure of books on Indian and Western art and culture, besides books on aesthetics, criticism, biographies of great personalities in the field of art and films on art and culture. In addition, terracotta items and models of the contemporary artists have enriched the library.

Its Art Gallery is a stupendous success in showcasing the gems of Goan art including various paintings of different media prepared during the annual artist's camp organized by the Academy. The library facility is extended to the staff and students of the Academy, scholars, research workers, art lovers, critics and artists from all over India and outside.

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