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Performing Arts In Goa: Drama, Kala Academy Festivals
Famous Folk Dramas: Jagar & Tiatr

Goa is highly rich in folk drama forms that narrate, often with songs and music, the stories of great epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, and also project relevant, contemporary issues the society or the community is concerned with.

This earliest form of drama in Goa is supposed to be the precursor of modern Marathi theatre. There are two forms performed by two different communities.

The Two Forms
One form, the "Perani Jagar" is performed exclusively by the Hindu Perani community. The theme tackles philosophical questions like the origin of the universe in the background of mythology.

The other form known as "Gawda Jagar" is enacted by the Christian Gawda community in different villages in Goa in different styles. The theme is derived from the contemporary village life.


A Tiatr is a form of entertainment unique to Goa Not exactly a drama or a musical drama, it consists of 6 or 7 acts, each of roughly 15 minutes' duration, called Podd'dde, which are interspersed by 2 or 3 songs, solo, duo or duet, trio, quarter or group song.

Theme Songs
The songs are unrelated to the play but based on social, political or religious themes. This mix of songs and plays makes Tiatr popular among the masses. The character of Tiatr changed after the independence. While family quarrels, heavily laced with Portuguese language and influence, formed the story of Tiatr in the pre-liberation era, social, religious and political themes crept in the post-liberation period.

Khell Tiatr, a derivative of Tiatr, performed in villages during the Carnival, Intruz and Easter in the open ground, differs from Tiatr in that its songs are relevant to the main play.

Some of the other popular folk drama forms are "Dashavatari", "Goulankala", "Kala", "Lalit, Kalo", "Ranmale", and "Rathkala".

Throughout the year, the Kala Academy conducts a number of festivals in different fields of arts, which draw famous artists from all over India besides providing local artists unique opportunities to share the stage and perform. These include:

Artists Camp January
Bhajan Competition August
Christmas Carol Singing December
Kirtan Mahotsav September At Quepem
Konkani Drama Festival November/December
Marathi Drama Festival November/December
Pop, Beat & Jazz Music Festival May
State Art Exhibition December
Surashree Kesarbai Smriti Sangeet Samaroha November
Tiatr Festival November

Besides, an Indian classical music festival, "Annual Sangeet Sammelan" in memory of Master Dinanath Mangeshkar is held every year at his native village temple, Shri Shantadurga Devasthan in December at Kavalem. Go to top, Goa

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