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Festivals of Goa: Bonderam Festival, The Goa Carnival, Feast Of Three Kings (Local Festival)
Major Festivals of Goa: Christmas
Major City Centers: Panaji, Margao, Vasco, Mapusa
Best Time To Visit: September To April

Shigomahotsav, GoaChristmas is a special time of almost universal festivity. Families get together and an air of excitement pervades the state. Various local Christian and Hindu festivities include the feast days of patron saints of villages and temple festivals. In February/ March the carnival is celebrated for three days with colourful processions, floats and dances at the cities of Panaji, Margao, Vasco and Mapusa. Ganesh Chaturthi is a very special festival for Goans. During the ten-day celebration people return to their ancestral homes and the little villages and towns hum with excitement, as various ceremonies are observed. Dewali is celebrated as the victory of good over evil and effigies of Narkasur are burnt throughout the state. The Shigmotsav is the local version of the festival of Holi , which is celebrated for one week. Parades with colourful floats with mythological themes are taken out in all major towns.

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