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Location: Ancestral Goa
Famous As: Centre Of Exhibiting Art Produced At The Artist Camps
Exhibits: Art Work Done By School Children

Have A Peek Inside The Goan Heritage
The Big Foot Art Gallery & Handicrafts Centre, Loutulim offers local artifacts (also spelt as artefacts) and handicrafts to visitors who come to have a glimpse of Ancestral Goa.

Conceived as a means to promoting amateur artisanship in all its form, the Big Foot Art Gallery is one place that has played host to artists of State and National fame.

Competitions & Exhibitions
The gallery organizes shows that last up to three days. It works as a center of exhibition of art produced at the Artist's Camps. The gallery also exhibits work done by school children at the "on the spot" poster and drawing competition, which are an annual feature.

Craftsmanship in artifacts and allied subjects has also been displayed at the gallery. The gallery housed at the exit of Ancestral Goa. Flanked on the side by the handicraft center, the gallery is easily accessible to visitors to the exhibits. Besides the entire project this place is a focal point for the many guests as it is always hosting exhibitions that, free of costs are open to the public.

Timings: Daily 9.00 am To 6.00 pm

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