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Famous Temples: Sri Ananata Temple, Sri Naugesh Temples, Sri Shantadurga
Temple Attractions: Stambhas, Domes, Kalasas, Mandapas, Temple Tanks
Temple Architecture: Hindu, Islamic and Christian architectural

Goa Temples, Temples in Goa, Goa Temple Tours, Religious Tours ofGoa, Deep Stambhas, Hindu Temples of Goa, Sri Mangueshi Temple, Sri NaugeshTemplesGoa's many charming temples are built in a style that incorporates Hindu, Islamic and Christian architectural elements. Many are located in the vicinity of Ponda. These complexes have elaborate Deep Stambhas, domes in place of shikharas, which are crowned by Kalasas, saracenic arches, traditional Mandapas and temple tanks. Among the most revered temples in this area are the Sri Mangueshi Temple at Priol, the Sri Naugesh Temples, the temple of Sri Mahalasa Narayan, a folk deity, the Sri Ramnathi Temple at Kavalem and the Sri Shantadurga, a shrine to Durga worshipped unusually in a peaceful avatar. Do not forget to visit the sole surviving example of the Kadamba architecture at Tamdi Surla known as the Mahadeva Temple.

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