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Location: Ponda Taluka, Sovol Verem, Near Marcela
Presiding Deity: Anant Sheshashayi
Famous For: Interior Deco

This is one of the famous temples situated in Ponda Taluka at Sovoi Verem a few km from Marcela. This is the only temple of Ananata in Goa. It is surrounded on all sides by water and beautiful scenery. Besides the main deity Anant Sheshashayi, the complex also has Shantadurga, Kamini, Narayan and Grampurush temples.

The idol of Ananta is carved in black stone. Though the structure of the temple is small it is quite inviting. The pillar decoration is very minute and full of intricate designs. The brass stand on the lamp the special illumination stands or "Deepmala" are sacred objects of worship.

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