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Location: Chandranath Hill, Goa
Presiding Deity: Lord Chandreshwar
Main Attractions: Shiva Linga

On way back from Zambaulim one can take a slight diversion at Paroda to proceed to the Chandranath hill and climb the huge granite steps to reach to the temple of Sri Chandreshwar. Though a major portion of the approach road to the temple is metalled, only a small portion before campus is provided with granite stone steps.

The side altar is that of Sri Bhutnath. Chandranath formed a part of the Bhoja capital Chandrapur. The South Goa Bhojas worshipped the deity years before the Christian era till the middle of the 8th century AD. The temple has the famous Shiva Linga, which was supposed to ooze water with the touch of moonlight.

The temple atop the hill has been designed in such a way, that moonlight directly falls on the Shiva Linga on the full moon night. One can have a birds' eye view of a long ending green valley of Salcete and Quepem Taluka from the Chandranath hill.

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