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Location: 12-km From Kavalem, Goa
Presiding Deity: Goddess Kamakshi (An Incarnation OF Goddess Kamakhya)
Main Attraction: A Temple Dedicated To Lord Rayeshwara.

About 12-km from Kavalem is situated another important religious monument which is dedicated to Sri Kamakashi. The deity is believed to have come from Kamakhya , Guwahati in Assam , which is her original abode.

In Goa, the original location of Sri Kamakshi temple was Raia in Salcete Taluka. But the deity was subsquently shifted to Shiroda village in Ponda Taluka due to religious persecution by alien rulers.

The place where temple is has an ancient name "Shivagram". Of the smaller temples present in the complex there is the one dedicated to Lord "Rayeshwara". People irrespective of religious faith and hailing originally from Raia, still venerate Sri Kamaksha.

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