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Location: Tambdi Surla, 69-km From Panaji, Goa
Presiding Deity: Lord Shiva
Built In: 12th Century
Architecture:Yadava Style Architecture Style

Mahadev Temple, Tambdi Surla, Goa, Panaji, Goa

During the reign of Kadambas, in the 13th century, the Goan territory thrived in all directions due to benign administration of the enlightened rulers. Several temples were built for all the gods of Hindu Pantheon, like Nageswar, Vithal, Santadurga, Mahalaxmi (also spelt as Mahalakshmi), Ramnath, etc. Unfortunately, most of them were razed to ground by the aliens, who are aliens to culture and refinement. After more than 400 years of darkness, some of the surviving shrines opened their doors to carry on activities for public benefit.

On account of foreign impact, many temples seem to be putting on a veneer of western civilisation, but deep examination shows, that the core of Hindu culture remained untainted, immaculate and dynamic.

Keeping Intact The Hindu Cultural Heritage
In the temples renovated or built afresh, as in the past, "Agamic Puja", with all rituals, is being conducted demonstrating that the much-adorned Hinduism has not lost its vitality, nor has bartered away its glory during the foreign rule. The Mahadev temple at Tambdi Surla where ancient traditions are followed serves as an example to this.

Situated in West Goa, the Mahadeva Temple in Tambdi Surla is the state's only prominent reminder of the pre-Portuguese temple architecture. Maintained by the ASI (Archeological Survey of India), this 12th century temple boasts of some fine relief's on the 'Shikhara' (spire) depicting a plethora of gods and goddesses.

It was built in the Yadava style of architecture with all the necessary parts, like Garbha Griha, Mukhamandapa, Mini-shrines, etc. and presents an extremely grand look. Do not miss the impressive carved wall near the entrance, and the chiselled monolith pillars.

How to get there, Panaji, GoaHOW TO GET THERE

Road: The temple site lies 69-km off Panaji, in the Sangham Taluk at the feet of the Western Ghats and is accessible by four wheelers.

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